Sunday, August 23, 2009

living online. Is it bad? Is it?

"You shouldn't live online", says the owner of Digg. It's probably the most difficult thing a blogger should do. Living online is a norm these days. It is a choice made by anyone exposed to technology. I would suggest living a second life online instead of living in the online world. it would be extremely difficult to separate one identity from two planes: real and online. therefore, living two lives: online and real, could be advised. Its really like having multiple personalities, right? But it is a safety precaution that should be considered by the majority. Generation X, Y, and soon Z, be objective in living online. Do not be a junkie. How to know if you're an online junkie?
1. Every time you close your eyes, you still see your computer screen.
2. When you go to bed, you hesitate if you should open your e mail one last time (even if you checked 5 times during the day).
3. Every time you turn your computer off, you don't.
4. Every time you are away from you romputer, you still hear your fingers typing on the keyboard.
5. Each new friend you meet should have a social network page. If not, you consider them as losers.
6. You don't talk to anyone over the phone anymore. I'll just IM you.
Do you have those symptoms?? then you're addicted.
You are close to living online. Continiuing that behavior could get you into jeopardy. Oh come on! comment on this blog for god's sake!

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Colin said...

You know whats funny, i had a dream i was checking my e-mails last night :P


I like your blog by the way! *reads on.

Carl Paolo said...

YEAH? you're a subconcious junkie! aha.

Angel of Mayhem said...

Oh dear, do I need to satisfy all of them to be considered an online junkie?

*shuts computer down and listens to some soothing classical music*

after 30 seconds..

*turns on PC and blogs "I'm not an Online Junkie!" but realizes it's too defensive.. deletes the post..*

Hehe, this cracked me up! Nice one! :)

Colin said...

As you can see from my above post I spend to much time on the computer. So I have decided to take one day a week where I do not go on the computer at all.

My post has some relevance to this post so i've put up a link back to your site :)

Happy blogging!


Anonymous said...